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"A sense of urgency, ownership, pure cool objective Project management, and an absolute focus on quality as non-negotiable - you had a major impact on our customer success and I thank you for your incredible contribution."

Jeremy Langley (Regional Director WEMEA, Stepstone Solutions)



Implementing a training documentation process and system for 200.000 employees in Germany
(Project management)

Vertical: Conglomerate
Region: Germany /global
No. of employees: 428.000

Public Public Private Partnership with federal state government to improve citizens’ media skills (Program management)

Vertical: Government
Region: Germany
No. of employees: 50

Implementing performance management process, internal headhunting, and short biography for 8.000 top managers

Branche: Automotive
Region: Germany /global
No. of employees: 329.000

Implementing performance management process; succession planning concept for 2.000 managers

Vertical: Oil / gas
Region: Hungary / Europe
No. of employees: 15.000

Competency model concept for all employee

Vertical: Fashion, textile industry
Region: Germany / Europe
No. of employees: 8.700

Implementing employee dialogue and performance management process for all employees

Vertical: Cable network provider
Region: Germany
No. of employees: 2.700

Competency model, job families and career paths - concepts regarding all employees

Vertical: Energy (gas)
Region: United Arab Emirates
No. of employees: 1.400

Case study HR process re-design

Vertical: Energy / Environmental technology
Region: Spain / Europe
No. of employees: 7.000

Organization review; HR management system concept

Vertical: Technical services (Aviation)
Region: People's Republic of China
No. of employees: 3.900

Concept on org charts

Vertical: Pharmaceutical
Region: Austria
No. of employees: 1.100

HR organization design; Implementing HR management system

Vertical: Education
Region: Lebanon / global
No. of employees: 400

HR management system concept

Vertical: Airline
Region: Slovakia
No. of employees: 700

Case study on international HR processes

Vertical: Security technology
Region: Austria / Europe
No. of employees: 700

Potential analysis, succession planning - concepts for 1.000 managers; implementing an HR data warehouse

Vertical: Optics, opto-electronics, medical engineering, semi-conductor technology, measurement technology
Region: Germany
No. of employees: 13.000

Project management coaching for consultants

Vertical: Software
Region: Germany / Europe
No. of employees: 1.200

Organization development; implementing competency management and career paths for 250 employees

Vertical: Conglomerate
Region: Germany / global
No. of employees: 428.000

Workforce planning concept

Vertical: Industrial paint shop
Region: Germany
No. of employees: 10


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